MORE sales data – May 2006.

Bamo has been kind enough to forward the sales data for Holland for May 2006.

It seems they only give year-do-date sales there, but the news is very good indeed. I haven’t done the numbers myself, but Bamo tells me they’re up 67%.

The 9-3 has sold 1,616 units so far this year, up from 1,063 for the same period last year.

The 9-5 is up to 407 units this year, having sold 299 units for the same period last year (and only 466 for the whole year in 2005).

They’re also selling the 9-7x over there, though no unit sales are mentioned for some reason. Bamo says via email that his local dealer has moved at least two of them in the last month.

Well done, Saab of Hollland!!!!

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  1. Some interesting numbers from my homecountry Estonia: overall sales up in May ´06 compared to May ’05: 41%, Saab 66%. That makes in units: 2771 in ’06 – 1961 in ’05; Saab 10 in ’06 – 6 in ’05.

  2. Well, maybe it’s our dealership where those two 9-7X-es were moved since the introduction? It will not become a boom for sales but it’s sure nice to have them in the shop!
    Greets from Saab in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

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