NBA Finals Snippets

Gotta be quick: D-Wade and the Miami Heat are taking on Dallas in game 1 of the NBA Finals in about an hour.


Eat my shorts, Jerry York:

Saab, under pressure to perform given criticism of GM’s broad range of brands, continued a good run this year, with Europe sales in May alone up more than a third to 8,842 units. That brought five-month sales growth to 24.3 percent.

Now, if the US can pick up their game……


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette review the 2006 9-5:

….the gauge you’ll want to watch is the one related to the turbocharger. That’s the hot spot! This car tears off like a scalded cat when the turbocharger is engaged and that needle begins to dance…..

…..There’s certainly no mistaking this car for anything else. It draws heavily on Saab heritage styling cues, and the tri-color interior, one of the best I’ve seen in a while, practically shouts “Saab” if you’re at all familiar with the brand.

That is one of the strengths of the 9-5. While several other Saab models draw upon other GM-owned or controlled brands for their existence, the 9-5 is still made in Trollhattan, Sweden, and is a Saab through and through. That is important for those Saab-ites who care about purity — and there are many of them……

No mention at all of Dame Edna.


Thanks to Mitchell for this link to GlobeAuto and their interview with Jan-Ake Jonsson:

JAJ on unveiling the Aero-X:

“I can tell you that in Geneva, Ferrari didn’t like it all,” says Jonsson, smiling.

JAJ on the five-point-plan:

Improve all the current models;

Introduce a new crossover utility vehicle;

Launch all-new versions of the two core models, the 9-3 and 9-5;

Update all Saab’s power train offerings, with an eye to introducing biofuel Saabs in Canada and the United States. (Biofuel Saabs are already offered in a limited way in Sweden. The 9-5 BioPower Enviro Car represents 73 per cent of 9-5 sales in Sweden.);

Launch a new model below the 9-3, one to compete with premium hatchbacks like the Audi A3 and the coming Volvo C30.

And finally, JAJ shares my dislike for the Q-word. I think we’re on the right track here….

“It’s good to be unique, not so good to be quirky. We’re not about quirkiness, but uniqueness,” says Jonsson.

Definitely a worthwhile read.

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  1. You beat me with the 9-5 review from the post-gazette (local paper).

    The review was very good, but I thought it was odd they would compare the 9-5 to the BMW 3 series. So I wonder what cars they compare the 9-3 with?

  2. Am I the only one that likes the 9-5? Dame Edna is a bit harsh, but I know what he’s referring to.

    I’ll admit — I’ve seen mostly pics and cars that are silver or gray. Studying the red model on the Saab USA website I can see the reason that you may wish to modify the headlight surrounds.

    It is a Saab, and it looks like one.

  3. I like the 9-5 more and more. Living in Sweden, I have seen a lot of them for eight months now. But it depends a bit on the color, I think. Silver, black and grey is OK. Red and that “military green” is not.

    Hey Swade, don’t forget:
    June 12, 15.00 CET in Kaiserslauten:
    Australia – Japan

  4. ctm,

    I’ll be watching the game, don’t you worry about that! All very excited about it here. Will be tuning in for game 1 very shortly.

    I’ve been OK with the 9-5 all along, but I thought the Dame Edna thing was hilarious. We got our first one here in Hobart a few weeks ago and in the right colour it looks pretty good.

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