New entry on “Saabrina”

There’s been a couple of new entries on Mark Ward’s Saabrina weblog in the last few weeks. Mark’s got a GM900 and he’s ripped the engine out in order to install an electric motor. It’s been a long-term project that I’ve covered once before.

Electric 900.jpg

The theory behind the plug-in hybrid is that for a lot of people, the majority of driving is done within a close distance to home. The vehicle can run on electric power and just gas up when extra power is needed. Mark’s taking it a step further and going all electric.

If you haven’t come across his site before, there’s a year’s worth of info about his various projects on there. Given that he’s on a summer break now, it looks like it’s full steam ahead and we might see some movement in the near future.

The first new entry concerns the installation of a new front motor support and towbar attachment at the front of the vehicle. The most recent entry is a short one about the completion of the adapter plate for the electric motor.

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