Pimp my 9-7x

Big thanks to Robert N for sending in these.

It’s from an article in Bilsport (only available in print at the moment).

The 9-7x is being pimped up by the gents at Speedparts and a little digging has found a projekt page on the Speedparts site. There’s nothing in the way of development detail there yet, but it’ll be something to follow. Other than the huuuuge wheels, mesh grille and gangsta window tint, it’s hard to tell what else has been done so far. If anyone can provide details as to the modifications mentioned in the magazine then I’ll be glad to add them to this entry.

I lovin’ it.

Enjoy the pics, some of which are scans, hence the seams. A few more after the jump.

pimped Saab 9-7x 2.jpg


pimped Saab 9-7x 1.jpg


pimped Saab 9-7x 3.jpg


pimped Saab 9-7x 5.jpg

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  1. Well, um…, er…

    Sorry I just can’t defend this one. When the 9-7x came out I was totally offended when most of the dealers in LA stocked theirs with huge aftermarket rims that look like they belonged on an Escalade rather than a Saab. This is just so… ugh!

  2. Sorry mate but this is a Saab crime scene – so is the vehicle. Sason would be hyperventilating.

    Why give it the oxygen or your credibility?

    Call me a pommy snob or what, but YUK!

    I suppose this must be the Schwarznegger styling Saab Muscle pimp special then….allgedly

    Americans – when will they learn the art of design couture?

    BTW: Went to the Science Museum in London yesterday-Saab 92 in green on display in the main gallery- now that’s good design…

  3. ctm,

    If you hit the comments on that LLN entry you’ll see I had to lobby to get a link.

    LLN has some occasional real stories, but they don’t credit their sources and their Saab story was a direct lift from here.

    Bad internet ethics.

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