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It ain’t the seemingly-non-existant-official-video I’ve been chasing, but Mattias was at a Swedish airshow last weekend and saw the Saab Performance Team in action, and got some video of the occasion.

Click here to see Matthias’ site, which has a collection of photos from the event. Scroll past the photos and you’ll come to links for 4 short videos showing some of the manouvres performed. They’re Quicktime files.

SPT Combi weave 500.jpg

People in the NEUS area should also note that the Saab Performance Team, along with the whole Born from Jets roadshow, will be at an airshow in Massachusetts this weekend. From the picture below it looks like they’ll be in sedans rather than SportCombis and as always, it should be an exciting exhibition:

Saab, the car company that’s “Born from Jets,” is a sponsor of the 2006 Westfield, Massachusetts International Air Show to be held June 24-25 at the Barnes Air National Guard Base. The partnership gives Saab a major presence at the show, including participation by the “Born from Jets” promotional tour. Special guests during the weekend will be the world famous U.S. Navy Blue Angels aviation demonstration team, plus Saab’s own Performance Team from Sweden, nicknamed the “Blue Angels on Four Wheels”.

Saab Perf Team meets Jet.JPG

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