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I found this site ages ago, but forgot about it and rediscovered it earlier today whilst looking at the Svenska Saabklubben site (link in the sidebar).

Saab Stickers.

Saab Stickers is run by Anders Jensen and he reproduces copies of some the original stickers that are used on various parts of Saab cars. Most of his sticker stocks relate to older cars, such as your V4 and 2-strokers. There’s some generic stickers as well, however, suited to decorating any Saab (if you’re into that sort of thing).

The prices look reasonable and the quality looks great. Here’s a few of my favourites:

The famous “Made in Trollhattan by Trolls” sticker


Wheel centre cap.gif
Saab centre cap sticker for your older style wheels


If I ever get another 99T, this’ll be on it


I’ve had this as my avatar at SaabCentral since day 1.


They appear to be all sold out at the moment, but Anders also does a limited line of textile items as well. There’s a few T-shirts and caps, as well as the Saab Sport sticker (above) in the form of a patch. Sign me up for a few of these if they get produced again!

SSR patch.jpg

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  1. Hope this guy stays in business for awhile. There aren’t many sources (one?) for this stuff. I love that “Made in Trollhattan” sticker because the first Saab I bought in 67 had one. I bought one for a restoration project if I ever get the time to do it. Glad you gave him some free advertising.

  2. Hello!..How will I find SAAB stickers to my SAAB lover in England?…Can you help me with this somehow?

    eva in Säffle

  3. This sticker brings back memories of the first Saab my family had back in 1970! My Dad had just purchased as 1970 Saab 99E, and a short time later the sticker Made In Trollhattan By Trolls sticker showed up in the mail, and we placed on the inner, lower right side of the rear windshield. It stayed there for years until it turned so dark that you could no make out any of the working or the crazy looking Troll.

    We had some really good times with that car and I remember one Winter day back in the late 1970’s when driving from New York to Connecticut with my Dad in a snowstorm, to take a few of our sailboats sails to be cleaned up in Milford, Connecticut. It was one hell of a ride there and back — while there we stopped at a quaint old diner and had to this day the best omelets we’ve ever had.

    In 1978 I finally got a Saab 99LE sedan as a gift from my parents for driving back and forth to college. And in 1983, we traded this car in on a Honda Civic Wagon which was used for daily commuting to the station, while I purchased a low mileage 1976 Saab EMS to drive on weekends (the fellow whom I purchased it from traveled to Sweden to watch the car being built and then brought it back to the United States with him — including the Swedish plates which came with the car when I bought it.)

    The Saab 99’s were fun cars to drive; not overly reliable, but very safe and comfortable. And in the days before all wheel drive and the onslaught of SUV’s which are on the roads today, the 99’s were some of the few vehicles which one would actually see out in the midst of a winter storm, while other drivers were just glad to be safe at home.

    I also remember the cameraderie of the Saab owners in the early days, using the highbeam flasher on the stalk to signal another Saab 99 driver as part of acknowledging one another — something long ago lost when the Saabs became far more common and lost their exclusivity.

    Best regards!

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