Euro Saab sales

Good news everyone!

Thanks to Vector220 and CTM we have European figures for May and year-to-date Saab sales:

The official figures from ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association):

European market in May: up 9.6%
Saab: up 34.7% to 8.774 vehicles

European market this year: up 2.4%
Saab: up 24.3% to 40.403 vehicles

That’s sensational news and it’d be interesting to see where Saab are at on a worldwide basis. Unfortunately I think the US figures might drag that 24% Euro figure down to around 15% or so.

Still, the news out of Europe is nothing but good and all Saab divisions there should be congratulated. That 160,000 figure is still possible, but I think the US are going to have to “extract the digit” if it’s going to happen.

Euro sales increases have come largely on the back of increased 9-5 Biopower sales, and I’d take a guess and say 9-3 Sportcombi sales as well. These innovations along with effective marketing have seen Euro sales grow consistently for the last 9-12 months.

The US market hasn’t received a Biopower 9-5, but it has seen the introduction of the SportCombi as well as the 9-7x. It’s also got a new marketing campaign which we’re all led to believe is being well received. Therefore the question has to be why are numbers static compared to 2005, given the good start to 2006? Are American buyers waiting for another bigger Summer sale? Are the cars not up to standard, or are Saab USA just not reaching the people they need to?

I don’t know the answers, but hopefully GM have better people than I working on it.

Apologies if “extract the digit” is too Aussie.

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  1. Apparently it is too Aussie. ‘Extract the digit’ = ‘Finger out of your a**’ ??

    (An inquiring world wants to know.)

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