Sales Data from Germany – May 2006

Thanks to Bart for posting the following in an earlier comments section (edited slightly):

News from the German market: Saab’s sales up again!

The whole market rose by 8.7% (as compared to May 2005) or 15.9% (to April 2006). The market has risen 2.9% year-to-date.


Sales in May 2006: 580 units, which is +14.9% when compared to May 2005.
Sales Year-to-date: 2,232 units, which is +15.2% compared to Jan-May 2005.

Audi: 25,229 and 107,032 units, which means +5.4% or +4.7%
BMW (including a well-selling Mini): 29,960 and 126,623 units, +3.6% or –1.8%
Mercedes: 32,563 and 136,260 units, +16,4% (face-lifted E-class introduced (?)) or –1,5%
Volvo: 3,329 and 15271 units, +32.3% (???) or –9.5%

Info from:, go to “Aktuelles”, then “Aus der Statistik” if interested.

Germany’s another important market for potential growth within Europe, so congratulations to Saab of Germany for another good month!

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