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There’s certainly some interesting observations being added to comments in yesterday’s Rant entry and I’m pleased to say that the best 2 of them (no discredit to the rest) are running contrary to my argument of Saab losing their mojo. Good to see. I’m in there batting for the Saab side as well, I just need to vent sometimes.

The link above and the associated comments are recommended reading.


Here’s an idea for Saab USA.

Sell every 9-2x you’ve got over the summer. Slash and burn. Discount them and move ’em out. Give the model one last hurrah.

Sales numbers in the US, without some sort of sales event over the summer, are going to look terrible in the next 2 months. Given that the 9-2x is currently contributing only 100 sales a month, why not slash it by a few thousand dollars and move ’em all out.

Just an idea. I don’t see how it can hurt any more than selling them at the rate of 100 a month.


Saab sales in Canada were up in May, but I’m not sure by how much. Sales in Norway also remain positive year-on-year, but I’m not sure how they went in May in particular. Thanks to Mitchell and Olav for the emails.


1,300 GM workers in Moraine, Ohio
, have accepted the early retirement packages that GM’s offering in order to lower it’s costs etc. This is the plant where the 9-7x is made. The good thing is that it gives the plant a chance of continuing on without forced cuts and labor problems. The bad thing is that it’s usually the most senior and experienced employees that take these packages, which could effect quality for a little while. We hope not.


Autoblog are reporting on a new Discovery Channel program called “Turbo”. I think it’s more of a motoring gig rather than a turbo-specific gig, but given the name it’ll be interesting to see if Saab ever get a mention.

In other Discovery Channel news (maybe I should change the blog’s name…), Leftlane News are writing about a 4-part show where Discovery get a good look into Automotive Design within GM. It’s primarily focused on future design and hydrogen technology, but should be pretty interesting nonetheless.


Related to my Rant from yesterday (subject: have Saab lost their mojo?) and published basically to show that a car company can catch the spirit of an old favourite and sustain it: Mini have met their 150,000 US target sales around 3 years earlier than expected.

It can be done. It rarely is, but it can be done.


Caught these two on my Flickr feed.

This is great. I think the ‘2’ is becoming my favourite Sonett.


And this is just plain wierd….

Flickrwierd thing.jpg

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  1. The 9-2X is currently $4000 off, and the discount will probably get even more severe over the remaining months of the year. Last year it took $5k off the Linear and $7k off the Aero before people took notice (customer cash and employee pricing combos)

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