“Someone had to do it….”

That’s what ex-President of Saab USA, Bob Sinclair said about why they built the first 900 convertible.


Autoweek are combining a brief road run in the 20th Anniversary Edition Convertible with a brief history of the Saab Convertible. The final result is a sort-of brief article that’ll only take you a little time to read and you’ll enjoy another insight into the car and get a little history into the bargain – complete with a few quotes from Mr Sinclair himself.

It’s not all history though, and Autoweek remain as enamoured with the car as they’ve always been:

We drove one in the hills above Santa Barbara (Saab was playing off the original car’s recent starring role in the movie Sideways). Nice day. No wind buffeting, no cowl shake and all 258 lb-ft of torque available for passing, which we did a lot.

The article also has a really good photo gallery covering the history of the convertible, from the first 900 concept through the later 900’s, the 9-3 Viggen Vert and the 20th Anniversary model. Good stuff.


Just to give you all a little local perspective, I’ve heard recently that Australia’s version of the 20th Anniversary Edition convertible comes with the standard 4 cylinder engine rather than the V6 that the US are getting.

That’s a little poor if you ask me. If it’s supposed to be specia, then make it special.

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  1. On the ‘special’ front, ditto the 1994 900 Convertible being almost exclusively available with the automatic transmission in the US. It was bad enough that it was a slushbox, and the C900 auto tranny is exceptionally bad.

    Hey — I just stumbled on something that’s improved dramatically since the GM take over — automatic transmissions!

  2. Hey I didn’t know Bob Sinclair lived in Santa Barbara! I guess I’ll have to look him up sometime so we can talk Saabs 😛

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