STM – Racing this weekend

Whilst there’s a few games of soccer being played in Germany at the moment, there’s also a big motorsport event this weekend at Mantorp Park in Sweden.

Swede Team Motor will be there, and they’ll be taking to the track in their V6 Biopower 9-3 Sport Sedan. Yeah, V6 Biopower!

9-3 E85 V6.jpg

The Biopower car was supposed to make it’s debut in May at Sturup Raceway, but a lack of testing time forced them to postpone it for a month. Now’s the time. It’s a big event too as their race forms part of a big race weekend incorporating a round of the Swedish Touring Car Championship – it’s a big stage for STM’s Biopower beast to be making it’s debut.

So during halftime of the Australia-Brazil game (you’ll be cheering for the Aussies, right?), make sure you spare a thought for STM. I’ll be checking in with Jonas and the team over the weekend and will be sure to have the results and any photos for you next week.

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