Swedish Sales Data – May 2006

That popping sound you can hear comes from all the champagne they’re drinking in Sweden.

Sales data for May is in and it’s good. Very good.

Thanks to ctm in comments, we have the following (previous year in brackets):

Volvo V70
May: 3705 vehicles (2494) +48.55%
Jan-May: 13.328 vehicles (10.830) + 22.23%
Market share in May: 11.42%
Market share this year: 9.78%

Saab 9-5
May: 1299 vehicles (586) +121.67%
Jan-May: 6.006 vehicles (4.197) + 43.1%
Market share in May: 5.18%
Market share this year: 3.79%

Volvo V50
May: 1,196 vehicles (1,218) -1.8%
Jan-May: 5.581 vehicles (5.316) + 4.98%
Market share in May: 4.82%
Market share this year: 4.80%

Saab 9-3
May: 1.182 vehicles (698) +69.34%
Jan-May: 4.801 vehicles (3.237) + 48.31%
Market share in May: 4.14%
Market share this year: 2.92%

Bloody good news indeed!! As Tobias also mentions in comments, just 15 more 9-3’s sold and Saab would have sewn up the no.2 AND the no.3 positions. I’m not sure if there’s any sort of promotional activity going on there, but sales just seem to keep powering on. With lower monthly numbers expected in the US this month, this is a welcome bit of great news.

ctm also adds that a full 70% of the 9-5 sales in Sweden were Biopower cars. They’re certainly taking it up with gusto there. I’d certainly welcome a review of a Biopower car. It’s the one thing I haven’t seen yet and it’d be great to get a first-hand assessment of the increased performance.

Well done, Saab Sweden.

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  1. Hi! Here you can find an article in a Swedish magazine “Vi bilägare” (“We, the car oweers”):
    In is in Swedish and it compares Saab 9-5 BioPower with Volvo V70 Bi-Fuel, the latter being a “green” Volvo that runs on gas or gasoline.
    As far as i understood, they argue the Saab to be a much better environmental-friendly car, especially due to much wider availability of ethanol in Sweden (as compared to gas), but they also highlight the superior torgue and power of the Saab’s engine.

  2. Comparing V50 (i.e. wagon only) to 9-3 (sedan + wagon + convertible) may not be quite proper.

    Great numbers for Saab nevertheless.

  3. Sale for S40 and V50 together is 1.605 vehicles in May. C70 is so different from S40/V50 that it’s sale (86) shouldn’t be added to this.

    Don’t know if to add S60 or S80 to V70 for a more “fair” comparision against 9-5. S60 sold 355 and S80 only 49 (new model on the way). Catching V70 seems to be impossible anyway. 🙂

    About 30% of the new cars in Sweden in May was Saab or Volvo (27% for Jan-May).

    What I find interesting about top 25 (= at least 1% market share in May):
    Only one Opel – Astra in place 17
    Only one Ford – Focus in 5 (80% of them was FlexiFuel)
    Only three japanese cars – Toyota in 8, 18 and 24

  4. Talking about market for BioPower… Found this today. Weird… They seems to be like 5 years behind on this. But, Saab is ready for them when they are… 🙂

    “France tests first flex-fuel cars in biofuel push”

    “France on Thursday launched its first tests of so-called flex-fuel cars that can run on ethanol or conventional fuel in its latest push to promote wider use of renewable energy.

    The Marne regional government in eastern France has a special permit to test the ethanol-based E85 fuel, and use it to run a fleet of seven Ford flex-fuel cars for a year.

    E85 is currently not authorized in France, but government approval is expected by early next year and the fuel should be widely available by 2010.”


  5. FYI – Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article that WalMart is considering selling E85 at 320 of it’s company-owned gas stations in the US.

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