Tasmanian Saab Club Day


Another rooster in the hen house….

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It”s nice having what I believe to be the only Viggen here in Tasmania. It’s even better when there’s another down here on holiday and they can have a chance to play together!

The Tassie branch of the Saab Car Club of Australia had a casual Sunday drive event today and we were fortunate enough to have the company of Richard and Michelle. Michelle’s a local and Richard was down visiting from Sydney on a driving holiday. He got in touch with me through this little website for some local driving tips and fortunately we had a club event planned that coincided with his trip.

We met at the local Saab dealership, Motor Saab, and headed off through the twisties to the Salmon Ponds, just outside New Norfolk. Six cars on this trip. Escaping the suburbs, we got onto the road from Chigwell to Molesworth and this is where the fun started.

The road was barely wide enough for two, with a bunch of blind corners and crests to boot. This made for some interesting moments when some traffic was coming the other way. It’s a pretty quiet road though, which made for mucho fun. Personally, I had one ABS moment on a corner that was tighter than it appeared. Escaped safely though.

The salmon ponds were interesting enough. Got to feed a bunch of fish and see some albino trout. Had a magnificent blueberry pancake at the cafe. Mmmmmmm. Blueberry pancake.

We left the salmon ponds and decided a little switcheroo was in order, which got me a drive in Bill’s 99T, a chance to re-live some great memories as it’s pretty much exactly the same as my old one. John and Richard swapped rides, which has led to John being a little keen on the Swedish Thunderbolt.

Enough about that. Another pic. Richard’s taken a bunch more, which I hope to get a copy of in the next few days, but this’ll do for now.

A good day with great people and great driving.

2 Viggens.jpg

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