THAT 9-5x cover

For those of you outside Europe, who only got to see a small thumbnail of this image…..

Here’s the Auto Motor and Sport interpretation of the proposed next 9-5. Please bear in mind that all indications point to it just being a photoshop job by them. But it’s an interesting adaptation of the Aero-X design language, which will be a basis for future Saab designs according to recent reading.

Thoughts always welcome in comments….

AMScover 9-5x.jpg

And here’s their other photoshop jobs, origins are obvious.

AMS9-1and roadster.jpg

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  1. Boah….
    i like this roadster….it looks like an pontiac soltice, opel GT, saturn sky with the face from the Aero X…
    Build it and i would buy it….

  2. WOW! Now that’s a neat way to bring the aero nose to the line-up. It looks like it would also meet all those crazy new pedestrian safety rules. the “9-1” looks silly but the Roadster and first pic are great. I’d be on board with Saab with them.

  3. Agree with the above, except that I like the ‘1’ — I think of it as a Saab Golf GTi. “Germahn engineering in da haus, ja!”

    If these shapes hold true, it appears that Saab is back to a unique style and technology — a place that it holds well.

  4. Now that roadster is one sexy mother of a car but they need to put a Swedish Saab front on the car. BMW has drasticlally modernised their line of cars without resorting to Asian styling (unlike Audi, Merc!)so why should Saab!? The baby 9-1 is cute but I doubt it will be out in 2007, where do they get this info from? Not so sure about the 9-5X as, yet again, it isnt very Saab like. Why doesnt Saab hire Swedish designers who now a thing or two about Scandinavian design? BTW did Michael Mauer design the 9-3SC – great job!

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