The 5-10 year car

Truth be known, I’ll probably never buy a brand new car. All the things I’m interested in, including Saabs, are just way too expensive here in Australia as brand new cars. I’m hoping I can one day, but in all honesty it’s unlikely.

Having faced this reality a long time ago, my aspirations turned more towards looking for a toy. A 20 year old car that I’ve always wanted. One with character. One that epitomises a time, or something like that.

In 5-10 years we should have 90% or more of the mortgage paid off, maybe we’ll have just one kid at home. We may have have a student living here providing some extra cash. At a time like this, there’s a possibility that I’ll be able to start looking for my toy car.

So what’ll it be? That depends on what’s available in decent condition. But if it’s at all possible, the choices will be down to:

1. Saab 99turbo

2. Porsche 928 or 944

3. Saab Sonett III (import job)
saab sonnett iii.jpg

4. Alfa GTV 1750

Getting any one of those in decent, restorable condition can be pretty difficult now. It’s going to be even harder in, say 7 years from now. One can dream.

So, what’s your play-car? Any suggestions to add to the list?

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  1. My list:

    1. Porsche 944 turbo.
    2. Acura NSX
    3. 1990-91 Audi 200 wagon, 20v turbo
    4. Alfa Romeo 164 S or LS (perhaps a used 159, if Alfa gets into the US market again, and enough time passes)
    5. Lotus Elise
    6. a current generation Chevy Corvette

    And there’s part of me that really wants to import a right-hand drive Saab 95, 96, or even 99, just for the “no one else in the U.S. has this car” factor.

    It’s not the cost of the cars which is the main obstacle here (I could afford to buy a 944 turbo right now, for example) — it’s the cost of finding a place to put them.

  2. Swade,
    As you know, I’ll take the GTV. Those are getting to be more and more expensive. I’ve seen a few prime examples sell for US$20,000+.

    Other options:
    BMW e30 M3 or 325iS (’88-’91)
    Saab SPG in Beryl Green
    Saab 99 Turbo
    BMW 2002
    BMW e34 M5 (’91+/-)
    Alfa 164S
    Porsche 911/Carrera
    The list goes on…


  3. for me, i have yet to own my first saab, so im gonna start with
    1.saab 99 turbo
    2.saab 900 turbo collectors edition 1993
    3.saab 9000 aero stick! 510
    5.renault alpine
    6.alfa romeo spyder fulvia
    8.triumph tr3
    9.1969 dodge charger
    10.austin healy 3000
    11.lotus esprit v8!(or turbo) dino 246(not out of this world expensive….yet) 300zx twin turbo(1995 or so)
    14.Aston martin db5(in my mind, im james bond!) 240 flat hood turbo(im a volvo guy afterall)
    and so on and so on

  4. I’m lucky enough to have my toy. In High School I thought the Saab900 was cool and back in 2000, after a few aborted attemts I purchased a 86 Turbo which I have driven all over the eastern US and am currently in the process of putting on 88+ brakes with the rear sway bar and Aluminium trailing links from a 91 SPG. She’s rusty but she’s loved.

    My next toy? A 1972 Buick Electra 225, 4 door hardtop.

  5. I bought my dream car this winter and today was the first day that I realy could enjoy the car. Taking my 1987 Saab 900 T16 Convertible out for a spin with the top down in sunny weather on our (Sweden’s) national day. Lovely…

    Some images of this lovely car in snow can be seen on

  6. You’re spot on with the GTV, Swade. Other cars on my list would be (in no particular odrer):

    – Volvo Amazon
    – Volvo 1800ES
    – BMW 1600 (or early 2002)
    – Lotus Europa (getting a bit pricey with this one)
    – big Healey (getting way pricey…)


  7. I’m lucky — I have my play car — 1988 Saab 900 16v Turbo convertible.

    To keep listing cars…
    Euro division:
    early 1970’s BMW 3.0 CS
    Saab 99
    Volvo 1800
    BMW 5-series ‘sport wagon’ (the one with the open roof)

    American Iron:
    1972 Buick GS convertible or 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 convertible (with the Hurst package)
    mid-1960’s Oldsmobile Toronado (hard to find)
    Slab-side Lincoln
    Ford Taurus SHO


  8. I came across a 66 Toronado barn car back in the late 90’s out in Marysville, almost in the shadow of the Honda assembly plant. After a few hours I got the sucker to fire up and move under it’s own power only to find a fuel leak.

    Fuel leak is no big deal you think. You would be right except when I jacked it up to look at the leak the rear suspension came loose from the frame.


    Had to walk away from that one. Still, after sitting for over 10 years the 425 Rocket purred.

  9. Hmmm,

    There’s a few Saabs first:
    88-91 900 Aero Coupe
    97 9000 Aero with the works
    95 Aero with the works
    99 Turbo coupe

    As for the others:

    Jaguar XJ12 and/or XKP
    Porsche 944 (forget about the 928 Swade – fun but its not a flat six mate)
    Porsche 911 4S
    Aston Martin – pretty much any would be fine.
    BMW M6 – in a few years time.

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