The best defence:

Sorry, couldn’t resist this one….

The US Army has given a 1.8 billion dollar contract to Saab AB, the defence and aerospace company, so that Saab can provide camouflage systems.

I thought maybe they could get together with their old buddies at Saab Automobile AB and just send the Army a bunch of 2006 9-5’s. If you want to be camouflaged, why not try a car that no-one seems able to see?

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  1. “try a car that no-one seems able to see?”–you have a great sense of humor.

    Actualy though, the initial contract is for only $20 million, and according to Reuters “This is the first award in a potential $1.8 billion, 10-year program for only two contenders, of which Saab’s ambition is to receive more than half the share”.

    Only two contenders though, looks good.

  2. Saab has been spotted around Europe, though. 😉

    The official figures from ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association) is out.

    European market in May: up 9.6%
    Saab: up 34.7% to 8.774 vehicles

    European market this year: up 2.4%
    Saab: up 24.3% to 40.403 vehicles

    Think it’s about the same figures I reported in early June.

  3. SAAB has also bought the last defence systems of Ericsson including Ericsson Microwave Systems.
    Can we expect an invisible SAAB car, with state of the art radars and tracking devises?
    A few years ago SAAB also bought the defence company Bofors. So we must have a god gun mounted in the cars.
    Is SAAB going to deliver cars to MI5 and James Bond maybe?
    I say yes, go for it! 🙂

  4. Oh, sorry ctm. I’ve been offline a few weeks and didn´t se that post. Sorry all for echoing the numbers.

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