The US diesel conversation is over

All the umming and awwing from this site will now cease.

News in this morning that Saab’s European diesels DO NOT comply with imminent US emissions laws means that even if they wanted to (which I believe they do), they can’t. Modifications to the engines are believed to be too costly to justify the move.

Fred, it looks like yours is going to be the only diesel 9-3 in the US for some time to come.

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  1. Apparently VW finds the U.S. diesel market lucrative enough to introduce a new engine in ’08 that complies with the more stringent regs.

    I read at AutoblogGreen (thanks for turning me on to that blog, Swade!) that Honda designed a new diesel from the ground-up and even pushed the guy who designed the VTEC engine to design it. He was reluctant, being a hater of diesels but when they told him he can start from scratch he took the idea and ran with it. It reportedly meets stringent Tier 2 Bin 5 emissions standards.

    Also, Honda’s using plasma to turn NO (Nitrogen Oxide or “NOx”) emissions into NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) which is then absorbed into alkali metals and silver.

    So there ARE technologies out there being worked on to clean up diesel emissions, but I don’t know if GM wants to develop a diesel to put in the SAAB they can sell in the States. Is it worth the investment?

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