The World Cup sucks!!

Call it sour grapes if you will….

Soccer is the smallest of the four football codes played here in Ausralia.

That will never change whilst referees miss handballs in one box and call non-existant penalties in the other.

Australia should have made more of their chances. Italy defended very well. But they didn’t deserve to win the way they did.

It’s 3a.m and if I had a cat I’d kick it.

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  1. want to know what is even worse? Sitting here in Germany watching hundreds of italians go crazy as if they are already world champion…

    P.S.: dont kick the cat, kick the referee πŸ˜‰

  2. I really like cats, but in this case… The only fun I had watching all the Italians party like hell were their stylish Alfas, decorated with flags and italian girls wearing really tight pants…

    The Swiss is also out and I’m sorry for them: where can you see more saabs aeros crusing around as in zurich or basel…

    Good Night from Stuttgart!

  3. I have to admit the refereeing at this World Cup has been nothing short of cr@p. I dont know a lot about the game but I know that 6 yellow cards in one game is excessive. Too bad for the Aussies – GO England, GO!

  4. The truth is that below 3 or 4 very top teams (Brazil, Argentina, Germany, and maybe Spain), there are a group of teams where almost anyone can beat anyone else depending on the day and the mood of the referee.

    It makes for a very interesting sporting event, but it makes it hard to judge whether a team is doing well or poorly. Both Italy and England, for example, seem to be conducting an experiment on how badly they can play and still win.

    There’s a phrase in American football called “winning ugly.” There is a combination of stiff defense, and poor but occasionally efficient offense, that fits this phrase. Certain teams adopt this as a deliberate strategy. As a casual fan, I can’t tell if England and Italy are deliberately playing to “win ugly” or if they’re playing ugly and just getting lucky.

    Too bad for the Socceroos. I was cherring for them.

  5. I heard a co-worker on the phone talking to an international customer of ours. “I don’t know why Americans don’t get soccor. I don’t know why it never took off here.”

    Turning to the boss I said “Americans DO get soccor and thats WHY it never caught on.” πŸ™‚

  6. It’s been about 18 hours now and I’m still smarting over this result. The game was so well played, it shouldn’t have been decided by a poor ref’s decision. The teams deserved better than that.

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