TopGear – The 9-5 is uncool


OK, so it’s probably not too surprising that the new 9-5 would be placed as “uncool” on the Top Gear Coolwall – an enterprise that has pretty much no reason to it other than the presenter’s feeling on the day.

But what irks me is the Hamster’s total dismissal of all things Saab. If I ever make a tour of the old country I’ll be looking for a short guy in a Porsche, believe me.

You can watch the 40-second clip via Quicktime, or Real Media.

Thanks for the clip go to John in Canberra, who has his own Aussie TV blog, covering the media issues and subplots downunder.

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  1. Know what would be cool? A hard copy edition of the SOTW calander one could hang on their wall.

    I’d buy a few myself.

  2. *rofl*
    When I first saw the 9-5 Dame Edna was the first thought that entered my mind…that’s why I’d paint or loose that chrome trim around the headlights as soon as I got a 9-5…

  3. I’m afraid to say that i have to agree. Saw my first one in the metal last night and having seen this comparison drawn I have to say it’s spot on.

  4. Dame Edna’s a hometown girl. I’m from Melbourne too, though not from Moonee Ponds like her.

    The comparison is startlingly accurate now that I’m thinking of it. I’ll never look at a new 9-5 the same again.

    Dinger, I’d love to do that, but I think the cost issues might be a bit too much to justify. There’d be copyright stuff to worry about too. It’d be bloody great if it could work though. Maybe I’ll look into costs for 2007.

  5. The 9-5 IS uncool. Most Saabs after the original been uncool.
    And it’s not GM’s fault (the 9000 was the uncoolest Saab ever).
    The Saab coolness is mainly in the mind of a few Saab-owners.

    But the important thing is: Saabs COULD be cool again. And we all hope Saab will be achieving coolness in the closest years.

  6. It’s not a good look is it.
    I still have not got used to the “face” of the 9-5,and now i don’t think i ever will.
    With Dame Edna’s face and Les Paterson’s interior,it’s the classiest look around.


  7. Forget the 9-5 Dame Edna special edition – with added sparkly trim -inside and out(YUK), just think of the pert curves on the rear end of new generation 93 coupe 3door Aero or Viggen – its Kylie’s bum surely?

    ‘Nuff said…….your honour, allegedly.

  8. I have last years SAAB 9.5 aero. Its just great. Comfy, solid safe, fast scares BMW and Audi. Its black, looks like a stealth bomber, and I love it

    This is my third SAAB, dont see many reasons to buy anything different

    BUT those new headlights, a bit naff.

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