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I know a guy that up until a month ago was a Toyota salesman here in Hobart. He left to buy, renovate, and then sell houses.

I’m considering sending him a box of Kleenex tissues. The work-based lottery syndicate he was a part of, just a month ago, won a $1.4 milllion share of the lottery over the weekend.



Am still waiting for UK sales data for May 2006 and Euro sales data doesn’t come through until June 15.

Sorry if I’ve missed it already (I know someone’s sent it to me before), but if someone can provide the link to German data in comments, that’d be appreciated. I’ll bookmark it this time.


Saab UK are holding an interesting promotion, part of the “Pilots Wanted” campaign.

They’re targeting commuters by offering a week’s free parking as a reward for being selected for a test drive. Potential winners must be drivers of a rival brand to qualify.

Prospective buyers can apply for the test drive by phone, text or email, and a week of free parking will be provided for anyone who receives a test drive offer, regardless of whether they take it up.

Visitors to the stations (see below) will also be given the chance to look at new Saab models and test drive them for an hour, overnight or even for a weekend.

The campaign is being run at Watford Junction, Cambridge, Colchester, Dorking and Brighton train stations.



I can’t find a link for this, so maybe it hasn’t been published yet.

Motor Trend have taken the 9-3 Convertible (20 years edition) out for a spin and I’ve received the text from the write up. Motor Trend attended Saab USA’s launch event for the 20 Years Edition, which was held in a rainy Santa Barbara, giving the 9-3 ‘Vert the chance to prove it’s credentials as the 4-seasons 4-seater. Thankfully, the weather didn’t pour any cold water over Motor Trend’s enthusiasm….

As luck would have it, our first encounter with the 9-3 Aero cabrio came as Santa Barbara wine country was being inundated with copious amounts of California’s finest liquid sunshine.

While that unexpected twist threatened to turn an intro Saab had fashioned after Miles and Jack’s excellent adventure into a markedly soggier “Sideways” sequel, it did more to showcase the efficacy of the Aero’s standard stability/traction controls and the absence of torque steer than to dampen its spirits.

When momentary dry spells allowed a bit of top-down flogging, the Saab quickly rose to the occasion. Its tauter chassis bits, 235/45VR17 tires, and potent ABS discs endow the Convertible with the same hypercompetent but decently compliant character as other 9-3 Aeros we’ve driven, while structural reinforcing minimizes cowl shake even in open mode.


As a follow up to the Sonett V pictures yesterday, I think it’s worth putting up the link that Eggs n Grits posted in comments.

This is Martin Roth’s Sonett Turbo (site in German).

Hubba Hubba. Thanks for the link, Eggs.

Sonett turbo blue 500px.jpg

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  1. Swade: Here is a link to the German Association of Vehicle Manufacturers: http://www.vdik.de. There is a permanent link to the newest available registration statistics on the right handside.
    You might also like this one: http://www.kba.de, which is for Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (Federal Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Drivers). For some reason they seem to have more detailed data under: „Aktuelles“, then go to „Aus der Statistik“, then select some file with „Neuzulassungen“.
    European statistics are available under http://www.acea.be.
    All these statistics come with a delay so we have to be patient……….

  2. GB is still on record pace this year as noted in comments over the weekend, so it should be fun to watch. Diesel is really taking of there.

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