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Whew. This World Cup bizzo is getting very tiring. If you’re in Europe and watching these games during the daylight or early evening hours, then please spare me a thought. I was up until after 3a.m. this morning watching Switzerland and France play out a 0-0 draw.

If posting is erratic over the next week or so, you know why….


Saab won an award for the 9-5 Biopower at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2006, held earlier this month.

The aim of this event is to provide leaders of opinion and decision-makers – political representatives, media, industrialists – with impartial information on the latest technological advances in the field of environment-friendly vehicles. The Challenge Bibendum does not set out to provide solutions, but to highlight the most significant advances. It helps understand, in very concrete terms, via demonstrations, what the different technological fields are and how they fit into the global picture…..

…..The contest between the different energy sources takes place within the framework of a friendly, but perfectly defined competition. The vehicles are evaluated in real driving conditions, using precisely defined criteria (choice of performances related to the environment and overall vehicle safety).

Most of the cars at this event were slower than a wet week, but given that the Saab’s enviro-friendliness means it’s actually faster, it’s no surprise that it won the award for best acceleration and braking.


Thanks for the comments on Sonett III info.

Chris recommended a few books that are now out of print and quite rare. Perhaps their rarity is reflected in their prices, in US$ from

Saab Sonett Series, 1966-74 – $133.63

Alla Saabs Sportsbilar the Sonett – $48.00

Consider them on the list.


Saab Australia are extending their Midsommar Festival until June 30.

Click here for all the info.

Deals include the 9-3 Sport Sedan from A$39,990 with free leather, alloys and ORC.


From Flickr

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  1. Second attempt, my first post got blocked. Don’t know why, forbidden word?

    Interesting typo error in the Rally Results pdf of the Michelin Bibendum for Start Nr. 65…
    Vehicle Make: Saab, Vehicle Model: Vue Green Line

    In the Tech Results pdf, of course, it said Saturn.

    Freudian slip maybe?

  2. Wow! Why so many BMW ads on the left side of the page on a Saab blog?

    I count eight (and I’m not interested in BMWs):
    BMW Parts in Ohio
    BMW Overstock Sale
    New and Used BMW Parts
    2006 BMW 3-Series $389/mo
    BMW E36
    BMW E30 M3
    Used BMW Cars
    BMW E46 Parts

  3. World Cup? Is that going on?

    NBA Finals, baby! The Heat are playing like crap! In the third quarter last night, they scored only 13 points, missed 10 free throws and Antoine Walker never even tried to play defense or grap a rebound! Of course, I thought that the refs hurt them a bit as well. DWade pulled them out in the end. If Riles doesn’t start Posey in this game, they’re done!

    Onto the Saabs: Yes, BMW has the halo. I’ve never quite understood why; the 3-series in particular has been erratic. Mercedes sullied their reputation with the C-class, and Volvo is, well, Volvo. Why can’t Saab get a break? I’m convinced that Saab’s reputation for ‘quirkiness’ puts it into a different category and thus it never seriously comes into play for the ‘best of class’ unless that class is turbocharged vehicles or ‘cars with ignition switches in unusual places’.

    You know, a part of me is actually glad that Saab is ignored in these lists — it is still not mainstream. That’s a good thing in my book.

  4. Snippet about the Cadillac BLS – the new Caddie made in Trollhättan.

    The word is “fiasco”.

    Only 400 vehicles registered so far across Europe. Production is at minimum now with 30 vehicles per week! That’s 1.400 per year, compared to the projected 10.000.

    When will they learn that Europeans don’t care about American brands? What if they had put those resources to convert the Opel Astra to a Saab 9-1/9-2 instead to get things started until the “real” smell new Saab is introduced…

  5. Ted,

    The article didn’t say anything about when they thought they would sell 10.000 a year. I feel 10.000 is a high number. Make sense if it wasn’t until 2010. Still, I was amazed they are down to 30 a week. This was the new start for the Cadillac brand in Europe.

    It actually got some fair reviews in Swedish press. Well built, good handling (for an “american” car), nice quiet ride. The objection was on the price tag and exactly why anyone should buy it.

  6. BLS, schmee-el-ess.

    CTM: Europeans don’t care about American brands? Go tell that to Ford who sells a bazillion Fords in Europe each year. And, before you correct me and say, “Well, they’re European Fords”, let me remind you that the BLS is a European Cadillac. And a freakin’ brand-new vehicle! Give it some time and the sales will grow or sputter based upon the vehicle and marketing.

    The BLS may be a waste of time and sheet metal, but it’s wayyy too early to tell.

  7. It is a big different between Ford and other brands like Cadillac. I can speak for Sweden only… Ford has made cars for the european market for a long time. Most buyers don’t think of Ford as a U.S brand when it comes to these cars. Brands like Cadillac, Chevrolet and others makes people think of big old american cars from the forties and fifties. They have a looong way before they can establish themselves as a european high-tech car even if they are designed and bulit in Europe.

    The other problem I have seen reviewers write about, is what segment of the market it’s targeted at. It’s not sporty as BMW or Audi. It’s not luxuary like Mercedes and Lexus. I’ts for people who like to be different and have the money to be it. But Cadillac is not something that attract those. In Sweden, a Cadillac is a big car with a V8. Period. I’ts not a smaller car for the family. 🙂

  8. If its called the world cup why cant all countries send a team? Most countries aren’t allowed to play, kind of elitist if you think about it. I mean any given day scoring 1 goal wins the game, so really any team could win with a bit of luck.

  9. Aeronaut, any country can enter the world cup as long as they have a national team. The games going on in Germany now are the final series but the qualification games have been happening for the last 2 years with the world divided into divisions. Australia for example are in the Oceania division and were up against low ranked Pacific Island nations. We won our division but then had to go into a playoff with a runner up country from the South American division to get to the finals now. I believe even tiny countries such as the Faroe Isles enter in the preliminary stages.

  10. Note, that Great Britain can enter four teams in the World Cup qualification games: England, Scottland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 🙂

  11. ctm!
    Your words are true in Sweden, but I don’t think that is just for caddies. In Sweden it complies for all Chevrolets as well. And that fact makes very very weird to se a microcar with Chevy in the badge!
    When you say Chrysler in Sweden it automatically get Swedes to thinking family buses.

  12. ctm (and vector):

    OK, I’ll agree that Cadillac (and Chevy) have a different image than the BLS projects, but that’s a long way from your original statement that “Europeans don’t care about American brands”.

    And, again, Ford, Saab, Porsche, Vauxhall, Fiat, Renault, etc. had to start somewhere! Give it a little time. It’s too early to tell.

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