Weekend re-jig snippets

And you folks thought I was just sitting on my butt all weekend doing nothing……

Again, any problems with the new layout, please let me know in comments. I’ve run some tests on IE and Firefox and as long as your resolution is at least 1024 x 768 everything should be visible.

Here’s a screenshot of what I’m seeing. Those on 1024×768 won’t get the white outer bars.


Now that’s over, back to Saaby stuff.


It’s all about the 9-3 this weekend. Firstly there’s all the hoo-haa about the new 2007 interior. Autoblog have run their entry and it’s pleasing to see that those who have entered comments so far are more welcoming that what I was initially.

Saab do have to cast a wider net and this interior revamp is going to help in that regard. Call me a modern traditionalist.


Motor Mouth from the Boston Herald has a problem. His favourite Saab is never the most expensive one. It’s happened for a number of years now and the story continues….

At $33,000, [the 9-3’s] not the most expensive Saab around, but it is my favorite one. In fact, the 9-3 is one of my favorite cars among all of the brands that I’ve tested in the past few years. This car isn’t fancy, but it’s definitely elegant and powerful.

Maybe he’s a modern traditionalist too


And the ski-bunnies are talking the 9-3 up as well, this time the SportCombi, which they describe as having “Swiss Army knife functionality and Swedish style”.

This is a really thorough review and the writer, Peter Gilbert, is enamoured with the car, to say the least:

Skiers have always liked Saabs. Whether it’s the Swedish heritage, the seat heaters, the reputation for safety, or the funkiness that always came with the marque, I’m not sure. But Saabs have always been well represented in ski area parking lots…..

….The wagon profile is stunning…. The car looks fast standing still. How anyone can look at this car and think wagons aren’t sexy is beyond me…..

….This car is one good-looking machine. That it’s practical and skier-friendly as well makes it even more attractive.


Ok,so it’s not quite all about the 9-3.

From Flickr, a 900 owner with a drain problem…..




All you Europeans better be cheering for the Socceroos against Japan tomorrow!!

(and if I get one “Soccer-whos?” in comments…….)

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  1. I’ve now added in the title text but kept it subtle. I figured most people know where they are when they’re here, either through familiarity or through the address. But I guess it deosn’t hurt to have it there.

  2. Soccer? Isn’t it football?


    Alla har drabbats av soccer-sjukan… 🙂

    (Had to write that joke to all the Swedish visitors…)

  3. Swade,
    great new look, altough TrollhattanSaab banner is quite invisible…
    Like the new blue/white saab scene 😉
    Keep on the great work..

  4. My favorite quote from the Skipressworld article:
    “Sorry, bimmer owners, but the 3 series wagon looks positively dowdy beside the Saab. Put my vote in the ‘so sexy it hurts’ column.”

  5. Agree with Miguel, Swade. Sorry mate. The white banner text is very hard to pick out against the white Aero-X. But that’s just my eyes.

  6. Looks great. The requirement for a Spaminator is ridiculous. Who answers that stuff, anyway? Somebody must for them to keep at it. Boycott SPAM!! (Even the canned stuff — unless you really feel the need to help a local cardiologist later in life!)

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