Wow! Entry #1,000. UK Sales Data – May 2006

The entry-count here at Trollhattan Saab has hit four figures. Wow.

*pops champagne*

OK, now back to business….


UK sales data has been released and the numbers indicate that Saab are continuing their steady growth in that market. Saab sold 2,486 vehicles in the UK in May 2006, a rise of 4.37% over May 2005.

Saab are up 5.65% over last year, which was a record setting year in the UK.

The other interesting note from this month’s sales is that Ovlov sold only 2,426 vehicles – we beat the big V!! Volvo sales were down 18.45% for the month and are down 20.1% year-to-date.

Congratulations Saab UK!!!!


Next month I’m going to do a half-year sales review and we’ll see who’s kicking goals, who isn’t, and we can award the inaugural “Trollhattan Saab Size 12 Award”: an award to be firmly planted in the backside of the under-performer.

Ok, we won’t. It’d be too obvious. But some analysis is called for and will be coming.

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  1. Ovlov got a pasting in the UK! WOW!! Considering Ovlov’s much bigger range of cars thats a real proverbial kick where it hurts! What models seem to be driving Saab sales ahead in the UK? I dont see so many incentives for Saab in the UK motoring press so it must be the “T-word” selling the cars, thats right TURBO!

  2. VW’s twincharger has an offical output of 170 hp and a Swedish Car magazine dynoed the car and the real output was 190 hp.
    (Yeah I’m a bigger VW nut than I am Saab nut) 🙂

  3. Lot’s of people have a trouble with the “VW” thing on the hood, on the trunk and on the steering wheel… Like Skoda, it’s a damn good solid car, but VW is still VW… Stupid, I know…

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