96 racin ‘n rollin

Sometimes ou don’t see photos of a Saab 96 for ages. Sometimes you get them from several different sources all in one week.

This first lot were on Flickr. I really like the way the car looks without bumpers. I’m sure there’s a retro car just itching for reissue somewhere in there!!




Cool, huh?

This series was sent in by Paul H in Sydney. He saw the images in a magazine he picked up whilst in the UK recently. This is NOT the way to treat your 96…..unless you’re Erik Carlsson, of course.



UPDATE: the 96’s do indeed keep rolling in…..(thanks Ted)

GM’s other blog, the FYI blog has a photo of the day section. They’ve finally got around to featuring a Saab on the site and it’s this 96:



  1. Great shots- but there’s something not quite right at the front of this ’96’- non-standard earlier model grille? Modified front wings? Somethings awry?

    Looks pure Saab though.

    As for the roll-over – Carlsson -‘on the roof’ as the used to say.

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