9c-x Animation

I recall seeing this clip sometime early this year. I can’t remember exactly when, but I’m pretty sure it was pre-Aero-X. To be truthful I wasn’t that keen on it, hence I didn’t publish anything about it here. And there’s still a few things about it that I’m not keen on (the hood bulge for instance), but it’s interesting to look at in the afterglow of the Aero-X as there’s a few similar styling cues in the front.

The designer is a young Swedish guy named Daniel Forsgren. He’s done some design work with various Swedish outfits, including short stints at Saab and Volvo. You can view the short quicktime clip from his site if you click here.

This looks like a 9x inspired multipurpose vehicle, with offset seating for 4 persons, or 3 if it goes into ute mode (although I doubt Daniel would call it “ute mode”). There’s certain things I like about it, including the versatility concept and the front end. Some more interior detail would be interesting to see, too.

Below are a few screencaps.

Thenks to John at Elkparts for reminding me about this one.

Saab 9cx 4.jpg

Saab 9cx 1.jpg

Saab 9cx 2.jpg

Saab 9cx 3.jpg

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  1. That rear end is UGLY.

    The stubby little nose and grill though reminds me of the new Dodge Caliber which is selling quite nicely here in the States. SAAB could probably do the same if they started building downmarket and competed with VW…. SAAB 9-1…. yadda yadda…

  2. I agree about the rear-end, but in a way it reminds me of Sixen Sason’s Sonett redesign (for the Sonett III) that was never used.

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