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We had a fantastic event last night for the Saab Car Club of Australia.

Around 50 or so people attended. We cleared the Holdens out of the showroom and filled it with Saabs, old and new. People really enjoyed getting a chance to see a good cross section of Saab’s history as well as the new 9-5 and 9-3 SportCombi – both of which have only arrived here in the last few months.

They also seemed to appreciate the depth of Saab news. It’s been a big year for the little Swede and as of this morning at least, there’s around 50 additional people who have a good grasp on exactly how big it is.

Best of all, we had heaps of Motors Saab clients there. The objective was to provide an evening that would be of value to our local dealership and its clientele. I feel like we managed to achieve that.

Big thanks to Tony at Motors, Ben, Hendrikus, Drew, Bill, Graham and Carol for all the work through the evening.

Some photos will hopefully be forthcoming soon….


Cameron M makes an interesting observation, via email.

Looking at those Titan Grey photos from a few days ago, it appears that the cool looking sharkfin antenna has been replaced with some sort of generic piece. It doesn’t look too bad IMHO, but the sharkfin was very cool.

Will they ever learn?

UPDATE: As noted in comments and via a few emails to me, the antenna shown in the Tital Grey photos is a US antenna for vehicles fitted with OnStar and XM radio.


Interesting thing I learned last night: Apparently all new Saabs in dealerships should be parked either parallel (side-to-side), or in a straight line (nose to tail) or at a 90 degree angle to other cars.

Sorry, but we did break those rules last night.


I can now say I’ve driven the 2006 9-5. Even if it was only to move it 15 feet to the right.


Swedish models go topless.

A review of the Saab 9-3 Convertible and the Volvo C70 at CNN Money. The give the Ovlov the nod (marginally) as the better car as long as you don’t mind having a disengaged driving experience.

Makes perfect sense.


Saab are claiming the environmental trifecta at the British Motor Show:

The E100 Aero-X
The new 2.3 litre Biopower 9-5, and
The E100 Biopower Hybrid Convertible

This will mark the first time the Biopower Hybrid has been seen outside Sweden.

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  1. The sharkfin has been replaced by a new antenna that incorporates both OnStar and XM radio. The 06 9-5s in the US market come with that antenna as standard, unless you spring for the optional NAV system which deletes the satellite radio and comes with the sharkfin.

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