Big day coming for GM

It’s been around 16 days since Robert Farago’s last GM Deathwatch entry over at The Truth About Cars. That may not seem like a long time to you, but when you consider that RF rarely lets a week go by without applying his Dr Martens to Rick Wagoner’s backside, maybe there’s reason to believe that there’s a change in the wind?

Probably not. But we should have a better idea quite soon.

As the US moves towards another dwan, Rick Wagoner is most likely pondering the announcement he’ll have to make as the country rises and eats it’s Wheaties. It’s time to announce GM’s second quarter profit (loss) figures, and make no mistake: there’s a lot riding on this one.

If GM post a second straight profitable quarter, then the onus is fair and square on the likes of Carlos Ghosn and his ponsor, Kirk Kerkorian to prove why GM would benefit from an alliance with Nissan Renault. And it’s not just incremental benefits they’d be looking for. We’re talking a level of benefits that makes all this alliance hoo-haa worth the mountain of trouble it would entail.

If GM can point to the numbers and show that their current turnaround strategy is working, particularly in North America, then KK can kiss is Carlos-dreams a sweet goodnight. Given that KK would quite happily hoist Saab by their goolies if he was given the chance, a favourable result would be more than enough to make my day.

Knowing my luck it’ll probably happen through the night while I’m asleep. If so, any news is welcome in comments.

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  1. Ive tried to get thru to Bob&Rick,sure many have. The mods at gmfastlane surely wont tell the empirors.
    1)Consolidate more platforms/motors…If that means lettin red-headed stepkids Saab/Opel/GME etc outta the basement that would be a start. You dont need Carlos to tell ya that.
    2) The CARB/EPA(and strangely Canada&Mexico?) NOx spec is .05 g/m. If MB & BMW appear to be able to meet this w3/4 litre TDs, surely those slick Fiat/GM Ds that had $2B+ spent on them can.
    3) There are too many GMNA dealers.
    Theres more, but take a meeting.

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