Enquiry answered

Hello Steven,

VIGGEN.COM is for sale.

We own this name for the traffic income, but are willing to sell it
for $5,000. This is a valuable name and should be considered an
investment, as the price will only increase in value over the years.

If you are interested, we will send you a simple legal procedure to
follow to acquire VIGGEN.COM.

Best regards,

Bill McLaughlin
Domain Source, Inc.

Go screw yourself, Bill

Best regards,


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  1. I am soooo laughing at this! $5,000? Viggen.com? The squatter wants to sell the manse, eh?

    Counter proposal:

    I believe that viggen.com is a valuable property that deserves the best in development and promotion. I’m pleased that you brought this opportunity to my attention.

    Here’s my plan: I will supply some selected TrollhattanSaab.net and dedicated content for viggen.com to spiff the place up a bit. You supply the domain and a small host. When the domain sells, I’ll take a 50% cut of the transaction for helping you sell viggen.com. Sound good? I knew that it would. Let’s get to work!

  2. Something to cheer you up:

    Saab sales worldwide for the first 6 months is 70.846 vehicles, up 11% from 2005. And since the autumn is always better, they sould be able to do 150.000 this year. Or? 🙂

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