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Nissan approves talkingTOKYO (AFX) – Nissan Motor Co said its board has given the go-ahead for talks with General Motors Corp with a view to a possible alliance with the US carmaker.


Bank of America uprates GM to “Neutral”

General Motors Corp. gained in Europe after Banc of America raised its recommendation on the shares, citing the likelihood Renault SA and Nissan Motor Co. will invest in the automaker.


Renault are about to discuss the whole issue as well

The board of French carmaker Renault was set to meet late on Monday to discuss an audacious plan for a tie-up with General Motors Corp that would create a global auto giant.


GM’s board were meeting last Friday when the announcement was first made, but nothing’s come from that yet.


The whole thing seems rather nutty to me, but that’s just me.

Some Euro analysts see things the same though:

“We struggle to see short-to medium-term synergies for both sides,”….

….”Renault-Nissan already has all of the purchasing and engineering scale it can possibly use. Investing in GM would see management distracted for years. GM faces difficult legacy, labor, brand and distribution challenges that may not be solved by target-setting management,”

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  1. I think there could be something in this GM / Renault SA allinace thing…

    I was trying to find the link for Germany’s figures which Swade posted in June.

    And I found this heading from June 9th,
    “Renault on the radar”

    It’s well worth a revisit given light of recent news.

    In brief, At Renualt’s AGM this year, chairman Carlos Ghosn said that they wouldn’t rule out Alliances, Partnerships and purchases.

    Maybe the puchases part is the most significant here.

    With Jerry York having his beady eye in Saab, having Renault close by may just let JY get his own way, when judgement day comes.

    We talk about what the 2 companies can bring to the table.

    Well Renault has very superior Diesel engines to anything GM has right now,
    and if that wasn’t good enough they have Hybrid Diesel too.

    Not to mention the benefits of advanced engineering being proved out on the F1 circuit.

    GM has…. Well nothing that Renault can’t get from Nissan. Except for turbo Chanrging technology.
    So what’s in it for Renault.

    Maybe Jerry York is adopting the philosophy.
    If GM can’t see the wood for the trees.

    Then he’ll damn well make sure Renault is stuffed right under GM’s nose, when the opportunity rises that a certain under performing brand needs to be off loaded.

  2. The news about the talks for a Renualt-Nissan-GM alliance is even doing the rounds very strongly in the Formula 1 paddocks. Some strong speculation suggest that this venture will have a strong influence on the viability of Renault continuing in F1 in to perpetuty. This seems plan has some high credibility. I hope something as this comes through since the potential for Saab to resurrect stronger will be much more viable too.

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