Introducing the Titan

Titan Grey has been visible on the site for a little while, but it’s a small-ish rendering and doesn’t look that accurate (using existing colors as a guide).

Well, here’s some cgi renderings that were emailed to me earlier today.

Here’s your Titan Grey Saabs, new for 2007….


click to enlarge

2006 9-3SC Titan 1.jpg


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2006 9-3SS Titan.jpg


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2006 9-5 Titan.jpg

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  1. Bring back Cosmic Blue!

    Which was dumped for 2005 in the UK. Do you guys out there still have Cosmic Blue?

  2. The EU citizens like to polish and when they do, they sweat a lot!
    When they not polishing they just sweat!
    Sorry, but no real answer from me. But the black colour is nice when clean and shining. And that need some serious job…often.
    So that grey colours aren’t that bad is it? Easy to maintain, look sharp and those new paints is very shining. My car wasn’t this smooth when new 

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