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Sorry to all that have emailed and not received a response recently. I’ve rarely been so busy. Regulars will see that it’s effected the content here too in terms of posting regularity (hopefully not quality). Again, my apologies.


I’m going to continue my whining about the plug-in thing, with Ford and Toyota now going gangbusters to see who can get their PHEV’s to market first.

My money’s on Toyota.

But it still cheeses me off to know that Saab could have stolen the limelight on this one with the Biopower Hybrid concept if they were allowed to.

Funny thing is that GM aren’t even being talked about at all with regard to this technology, despite rumours a month or so ago that they might unveil something pluggable early next year.


Saab went through some pain a year or so ago, suffering a bunch of cutbacks both in staff and future model lines. Having done the hard yards they’re a distinct chance at profitability this year.

So spare a thought for their cousins-twice-removed up in Gotenborg. From The Local

Car maker Volvo could cut 1,000 jobs this autumn in an attempt to improve efficiency.

“We are going to be forced to make more cars with fewer personnel,” said Volvo chief Fredrik Arp, according to Dagens Industri.

Arp said the idea is that those who leave would do so voluntarily and with pensions, and would be over 55-years-old.


Saab buyers in Ohio might want to check out Pickups Plus. They’re the new contractor that’s been signed up to prep Saab vehicles prior to delivery.

Pickups Plus (OTCBB:PUPS) a retail company that specializes in restoring, personalizing and protecting new and used vehicles worldwide (huh? – sw), today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Auto Preservation, Inc. (AP) has reached agreements with 3 Ohio area SAAB dealerships

Under this agreement, Auto Preservation will process every vehicle that is sold in the “JUST SAAB” dealerships. The company will initially apply its OEM approved Paint Sealant to every automobile, maintain the automobile while in inventory, prepare the automobile for sale, and give the automobile its final detailing before delivery to the end client. This agreement covers both new and pre-owned SAAB’s.

Looks like the local Saab guys will still be the ones shrugging their shoulders and filling the spitoon during the supposed PDI, however.

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  1. OEM paint sealant? Oh brother, another great item for the F&I guy to hammer us on. Hey, howzabout fabric protection, window etching and extended warranty? All at very reasonable markup, of course.

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