Late Nite Quickety-Snippets

The other day I commented on how Robert Farago hadn’t done a GM Deathwatch entry for an unusually long time. lucky I got in when I did, as there’s a new Deathwatch entry in now.

Those familiar can probably guess: GM’s better than expected 2nd quarter wasn’t really better than expected.


Via Autoblog: Porsche opens new 10,000 sq meter racing complex in Weissach.

If only it was Saab.

We raced once. And won. If only…..if only.


I’ve spent the evening planning a video shoot for this weekend.

It will be Viggeny good fun for everyone. It’s a few weeks from being viewable, but will hopefully be worthwhile.


Don’t forget to add your SaabUSA ad suggestions here.


Finally, a superb B&W from Flickr.


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  1. Now Swade, lets not get started on racing…..

    DId any here see the Audi RS10 (?) at the Goodwood FOS? Apparently the diesel monster took on a harrier jet for a lenght of the runway drag and nearly one. Now if that & a le Mans 1-3 doesnt prove a point, what does?

    How do you spell Talledega? WRC? Aero-X at Le Mans 2007?

    Unfortunatly, we’re dreaming.

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