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Greetings to you all from Launceston, Tasmania’s northern capital. I’m writing from the office of occasional commenter Drew B. There’s photos of his yellow 95 and red 96 on the wall, and his beautiful black 1993 900 Turbo S is in the carpark. Dinner’s been had. Drinks, chatter and laughter followed and now he’s been gracious enough to let me natter away on his keyboard.

My apologies for content here being so erratic this last week. Unfortunately it’s going to last a few more days as I’m away for work, but it should return back to normal by midweek.


I’ve mentioned here before that Aussie buyers could look forward to diesel engines in the near future. It was mentioned in a New Zealand publication a few weeks ago.

I’ve now had a pretty good source indicate that we can expect an official press notification in a few weeks time, with model availability scheduled for January or February next year.

With hezbollah and the Israelis bombing the bejeepers out of petrol prices here, methinks the diesel looks more and more viable everyday.


Now that GM and Renault/Nissan are out there on the dancefloor, Toyota’s preparing to tap Carlos on the shoulder with a big “Ahem”

“Sources close to Toyota say the company is considering its options and looking at different opportunities that they could propose to GM. “”Toyota has no interest in seeing an alliance like this [linking Renault, Nissan and GM] take place,” said an executive who asked not to be identified…One Toyota source says the company has “war-gamed” a way to assist GM.”

That quote’s from Jalopnik but the full article, which is a very interesting read, is at Business Week.

I’ve got some big ideological problems with this one, but then again I’ve got the same problems with the GMRN thing. I’ve been bagging my mate Stu’s Camry for years now. Calling it “whitegoods on wheels” etc etc. How could I continue with the jokes if they become brother/sister vehicles??

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