New Saab Performance Team Video

Finally, the new Saab Performance Team video has been uploaded at YouTube.

This one’s a lot more arty than the last one, but it looks fantastic. Very polished.

Note the dash in the 9-3. They’re using the new 2007 model in this clip.

Enjoy!! (and thanks again Z for the heads up!!)

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  1. Veerrry niiiiiice ! Phew, no “Born of Jets” anywhere.

    But I like the startup. I almost expected to hear Kenny Loggins kick in with “Highway to the Danger Zone”, lol.

    Thanks Swade.

  2. Ken, I actually introduced our 15 year old to the action, corniness and ultimate triumph of Top Gun just a few weeks ago.

    I have a need. A need – for speed!

  3. Swade,

    that video is from the new Saab “miniwebsite” that you can check at its part of the Pilots Wanted campaign.

    Take a look at it and also the Saab Ice Experience promo.


  4. Awww, ain’t y’all cute.

    Good Saab video, I would like a little more, but I’m sure it exists somewhere.

    ‘Top Gun’ came out just prior to my service in the US Air Force, and I thought then that it was campy. The two things that kill me about the movie are:
    1. Eject from a military plane and you do NOT fly again very soon. Period. Especially if someone DIES. Certainly not in any ‘Top Gun’ competition or critical mission.
    2. Strategic ‘experts’ do NOT look anything like Kelly McGinnis. They are generally barrel-chested former military officers with names like Al Lempicki or Gary Federici, two guys that I actually knew who had such roles.

    Then there’s that whole Kenny Loggins thing, which give me hives just thinking about it.

  5. great video, its nice to see saab’s marketing agencies putting together beautiful work. I don’t understand why we don’t see more of this work in the US however, a commercial version of this would be fantastic.

  6. “C’mon E&G, do some of that pilot sh*t !” 😉

    As much as TG was totally campy (right up there with Days of Thunder and Cocktails …. hmm, ALL Cruise flicks !), many of the lines were great in the corniest ways, as were the characters. Yeah, like as if there are even a handful of real-life servicemen and women who resemble Kelly McGillis, Tom Skerrit and Val Kilmer (no offense to you).

    BTW, Duke Cunningham, the real-life ‘Nam naval air ace who went on to teach at Top Gun in Miramar, was convicted and sentenced in 2005 when it was discovered that sadly, during his career as congressman he was involved in many incidences of corruption, fraud and tax evasion.

  7. Thank goodness none of you have chosen to do the “(Insert name) Take me to bed or lose me forever!” line.

    It is a cheese supreme film, but a decent way to kill 2 hours on any given night.

  8. And what do the casting people think now about getting McGillis to do the female lead whilst Meg freaking Ryan just had a bit part.

    If only they’d swapped.

    But back to the Saab film (which could also benefit from a Meg cameo…)

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