Oops 2

Oops #1 involved a stubborn Aero-X roof that wouldn’t lift and trapped an occupant at the New York International Auto Show.

Oops #2 is reported in The Sun from the UK (so you can believe about one third of it):

A £600,000 car conked out on its FIRST public outing.

The Saab Aero X was en route to the British Motor Show in London when its battery packed up as it stopped for eco-friendly bioethanol fuel.

Garage staff pushed the car off a forecourt in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. The 155mph car was restarted with jump leads and put on a trailer.

It was the first time the concept car, with a glass canopy and jet-style “cockpit”, had been seen outside of motor shows.

Saab’s Rebecca Wright said: “The roof has been lifting on and off a lot so the battery was flat.”

The car is now lovingly nestled in the safe arms of CitySaab in London for a few days prior to its actual debut in the BMS on July 20.

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  1. Well, the “first time outside motorshows” isnt quite true is it. Its been on the road in the south of Sweden for refueling before all the journos test drove it on Angelholms airport.

  2. Just look at the words they are using…
    “The £600.000 car”
    “The 155 mph car”
    This is just to get a “scoop”.
    The press in GB is just ridiculous! A headline seems to do the trick in England, no facts at all, no research and no way is the truth enough…ever…
    Where does the English people get there news at all, I wonder? TV? Radio? Tell me please!

  3. Vector 220- to answer your question- most of the English (thats English, not British – as in Scots,Welsh et al)are no longer interested in factual news. We have a celebrity driven society that puts celeb boob jobs and break-ups at the top of the dumbed down news agenda. Even the BBC now speaks American English – ie” Thursday 13th” or “Airing midnight after the noos.”

    Even our proper newspapers now spew gossip, sex and celebs. The “Sun” is a comic full of the same.

    That’s why in the main, lots of the English have become the the thickos of Europe-naturally I am exempt from such category- as are all Trollhattan readers!

    BBC Radio 4 is the last resource for sane news here.

    On the Saab front, why another new shade of grey (gray)? Has anyone noticed how Saab avoid metallic crimsons and burgundies – Merlot wsa the alst one and flat and dull. Ovlov do a very nice metallic dark red- called ‘venetian red’. Wonder why Saab avoid cimsons and also strong greens – now.

  4. Don’t be so quick to dismiss this report, for is very likely true.

    I was at the Canadian Aero X Debut two months ago and the battery does die after much fooling around with the canopy. The Aero X was almost constantly plugged in (literally) with an orange cable extending from a plug near the rear “drawer”.

    Accoirding to the Saab Canada management present at the event, each of the four Aero X prototypes in existence cost $2.5 m. to build. The “sources” are beyond credible, so this figure is probably accurate. (That’s GBP 1.3 million for you Brits, which means the Sun is way off.)

  5. Thank you Lance! Now I know…

    Kroum, I wasn’t saying it was all a lie. My point was that this is not a car fore sale to the public. The only reason for its creation was to show some design of witch some will find its way to normal Saabs.
    With words like “The £600.000 car” and “The 155 mph car” the reader get the feeling that it’s for sale for that money (at least did I do this association) and the scoop they wanted to do was “even an extremely expensive Saab has some bad battery and low quality”
    My car will also get out of battery if I’m us all my gimmicks without charging once in a while…And my car is usual Saab.
    My guess is that the developer didn’t focus on generators and such in this drivable good looking concept car.

  6. Oh, I totally know how British tabloids write and the Sun in particular, Vector220. So I am in complete agreement about that, just wanted to share some knowledge with the crowd. 🙂

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