I occasionally hear from dealers that check in here from time to time.

Bouyed by the thought of helping one buyer recently via the information available here, I was wondering today whether or not it would be worthwhile setting up a sister site to cater specifically for dealers or others doing current Saab model research?

What I’m thinking of is a site where I’d deposit all the road test posts and model data from this site. I’d change the layout a little so that model categories would be better represented and I’d also note the appropriate country at the beginning of each story.

Would this be a worthwhile exercise? Properly presented, is it something you would refer your clients to?

If you guys can give me some feedback as to whether or not this would be a valuable resource, I’ll give it some more consideration. Any suggestions on layout or categorisation etc would be welcomed.

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  1. Well, here is my 2 cts worth: this proposition from my point of view will not only help potential buyers to assist them in making decisions but will also serve as a good bank of reference to collect editorials available on a world wide basis. This can be used by anyone at any time. Being able to read and compare what’s happening in other markets is an invaluable tool. I did that in my local news agent back in 98 when deciding to purchase my first 9-3. Do some competitors have this kind of resource facts tools available ??? I think this will be a great addition Swade.

  2. There was a recent post ( IIRC) that Saabvideos may com back online soon because Saab actually appreciated the site and occasionally pointed potential customers there as a source of info (it was a Swedish film company that complained). So yes, I think you have a great idea, and I think it would help move the marque forward worldwide.

  3. Swade, This idea of a second web site with all the reviews and roadtests would be a very valuable resource. As a Saab dealer, I would certainly add a link from our web-site. In fact I was thinking of contracting you to improve our existing site!
    I agree with Joe Lobo about the value of seeing what’s happening in other markets. This way we can see what is working in those markets and adopt them in our market with a view to enhancing the Saab brand and sales globally.

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