RIP Saab Design Centre

Just over a week ago, Saab’s design shop was shuttered and the design function was shipped off to Russelsheim in Germany. As I understand it, some of the design work was carried out at Trollhattan and there was also the Saab Advanced Design Centre in Pixbo.

This thread in a designers forum gives words to some of the sad feelings of past and present employees at the centre.

How very sad it is to read [the news of the closure]. Hard to believe this day has come after so many successful, fun-filled years.

I too would like to pay tribute to you and everyone of the talented, hard-working team members listed above who made Saab what it was and will be always be famous or infamous (depending on who we are talking about) for the creativity of projects and the life and success of the company.

I feel pretty confident myself that Saab design will continue to be quite distinct and as innovative as being part of a global corporation can be. It’s my understanding that most of the key people involved with the Aero-X, for instance, are now in Russelsheim working at the new GM Europe design centre. It’s just sad to see something like this move on, like a kid leaving home or something.

The following are scans from the book Nordic By Nature, provided by Ryan in DC.



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