Saab 9-3 Vert review

I know that a few Saab dealers out there refer the occasional client to Trollhattan Saab in order for them to check out what’s going on and maybe catch some road tests relevant to whatever they model they might be interested in (does that fact make you choke on your cornflakes, Jan-Ake?)

So let me post a dealership alert: If you have a client looking at a 9-3 Convertible then the following review is for them.

The review is from Motorbar. It’s a UK review, so yes it’s quite positive. But what’ll strike you as you read this is something other than “Gee they love this car”. It’s the sheer length of the article.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a more comprehensive, all encompassing review of a motor vehicle. Steering, handling, power, handbrake, storage bins, ergonomics, seats, rain protection, roof quietness, engine range, climate control, nav screen. You name it and they played with it during their week-long test drive.

And that’s why I’d recommend this review. First up, it’s a week-long test rather than an afternoon at a track. They’ve got to know the car, which can take a little time with a Saab, as we all know. Once you do, it’s as close as love can get with an inanimate object.

And that’s the state the people at Motorbar seem to be in. Either that or Saab UK has paid them quite decently for the write up.

There’s too much there to precis, but I’ll leave with the last paragraph of the review:

The 9-3 Convertible’s evidently sporty stance can easily hold its own against the three premium German convertibles usually to be found inhabiting executive car parks. It has a likeable, unruffled character and despite the power to hand, it rewards like for like with a smooth driving style. The best thing is that when you need ‘fast’, it’s served up refined, never rorty. Buy one and you’ll get a cultured summer convertible that’s more than willing and able to deliver an enjoyable drive for the other three seasons too. The 9-3 Convertible’s forte is that it shines on days when the sun doesn’t.

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