Saab 9-3 ‘Vert – Video and review

First, let’s take in the video, shall we?

It’s not directly related to the writeup, by the way, but it’s always nice to look at a ‘vert in action.

It’s a bit like a 2.5 minute TV commercial for newbies. Plenty of ready-steady-go in there.

Go watch it again and take a good look at that interior, more specifically the dash. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to miss it when it’s gone.

So, on to the review then…….

This one’s from the Chicago Sun-Times. That means it’s American, not British.

But it’s still good because it’s the Convertible, a Saab that even American reviewers tend to enjoy.

The tough, idiosyncratic Swedish Saab is the most unusual member of the General Motors auto family — no other GM car could get away with an ignition switch between the front seats.

Oh, did I mention that the word ‘Quirky’ was used in the headline? A particular pet hate of mine, but I digress and the review does get better.

But never mind — the sporty Saab convertible has been trendy since introduced in January 1986. And the latest Saab 9-3 Aero soft top is one of the most highly regarded convertibles on the market

Nobody has explained exactly why Saab convertibles are trendy, but they always have had a singular charm. No other soft tops from any country have been exactly like them.


There isn’t quite another car out there that’s as satisfying as a Saab. That’s the reason I’m writing this and it’s exactly why a lot of you are reading it.

There’s various reasons why I’ll most likely never own a convertible, much as I’d like to. I’ve got to say that the Saab Convertible has done nothing but get better from year to year. It really has joined the Saabiest Saab pantheon.

The writer goes on to list the following:

Likes: everything but the ‘big doors’, stereo and a/c controls

Dislikes: nothing except the ‘big doors’, stereo and a/c controls

The 9-3 Aero convertible is handsome and entertaining — and for those who don’t want just another mainstream soft top car.

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