Saab at Goodwood 2006

The brilliantly titled Goodwood Festival of Speed got underway last weekend, and Robin (remember the Ice Experience?) trotted along for a bit of a quick look. You’d never have known for all the Porsche, Bugatti and general exoticar headlines that Saab were participating. But they were.

The Aero-X made what may be its UK debut prior to the British Motor Show later in the month, and there was also one other treat in store for Saabophiles – Ursaab.

Ursaab Goodwood.jpg

Ursaab Goodwood 2.jpg

As you can see, the British turned on their finest weather 😉

Robin reports:

The Aero-X was indeed at Goodwood and what a beauty. The crowds were too big and too close to the car to get good pics but I got a few. This was one of those times I wish the car had been behind ropes. I asked if it would go up the hill today but a very nice Swedish man said no, because it was raining. I’ve never noticed before but it does not have wipers, as he said it was always built as a show car.

It did go on track on the Saturday I believe but I was not there to see it. Also at the show was the Saab 92 prototype, great to see that one too.

Aero-X front Goodwood.jpg

Aero-X interior Goodwood.jpg

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  1. Thanks for these pictures. Great to see the 92 URSAAB prototype – no known advance publicity of this -weird. Lots of us would have gone to see just that, never mind the rest of the cars.URSAAB’s first time on UK soil I think?

    Goodwood is brilliant even in the rain.

    Sad that this Saab publicity coincides with the closure of the SAAB advanced design centre.

    Hey Swade, what about hosting a design competition for a small SAAB on your site?

  2. Lance, it certainly sounds like one heck of a weekend.

    And why do I feel like I’m being set up here? Do you have a design all set and ready to go?

    It’s food for thought actually. I just hadn’t thought that big about things.

  3. Swade,

    No mate I do not have a design that happens to be ready- there’s a suprise!

    (Do have some Saab sketches though..)

    Just thought it might be a great idea at informed amateur level- so that we can all participate.

    Trollhattan could could get some more profile at GM too…

    I cannot be thr only Saab nerd out there who wants to see a small Saab- even if it has to be based on a curent GM floorpan. The new 3 door Opel/Vauxhall Corsa which debuts next month, has a really Saabesque rear end- back window looks like it came off a 93.

    What do the rest of the regulars think?

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