Saab at the British Motor Show

Thanks to John at Elkparts for sending in these snaps, taken on Trade Day for the British Motor Show. The pics were taken on his cameraphone – not bad!

Click on any of the pictures to enlarge….

BMS Saab stand.jpg

BMS Aero-X1.jpg

BMS Aero-X2.jpg

BMS Aero-X3.jpg

BMS Aero-X4.jpg

BMS Aero-X5.jpg

BMS Aero-X6.jpg

BMS Hybrid 1.jpg

BMS Biopower badge.jpg

On first viewing, I thought that badge with the bulge behind it looked a bit suspicious. This is of course, the rumoured glued up plug cover that was hushed up by GM’s head honchos. I’ve no doubt that all evidence of it would be removed prior to it being shown here, though. Nevertheless, it warranted comparison with a regular convertible rear badge, which looks similar as you can see for yourself….

Conv badge.jpg

This guy was riding his bike up and around platforms of various levels, and as you can see, jumping cars every now and then. Says John:

Photo DSC00818 shows a guy on a mountain bike who was doing all sorts of stunts that displayed huge skill, balance and control. Just beyond the 9-3 SportCombi you can just make out a horizontal bar about a foot off the ground. There was a number of these in a line (like small hurdles). The guy on the bike was able to hop along the top of these hurdles. He demonstrated this by balancing with both wheels, then on rear wheel only hopping along and then, amazingly, repeating the stunt by hopping along the raised bars on the front wheel of his bike.

The photo shows him hopping from a raised platform to balancing the rear wheel onto the LH roofbar, then hopping to balance on the RH roofbar then down to the ground. Apart from touching the roofbars the car was untouched by the bike.

BMS 9-3SC bike jump.jpg

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  1. That guy on the bike obviously has a lot of time on his hands.

    Great pics — but don’t sit in the AeroX. We know what happens to those that do…

    (they get to stay a little longer than planned.)

  2. While I’m excited that SAAB is trying to do something different by introducing the ethanol-powered (E100), turbocharged convertible hybrid 9-3 concept, I worry that the benefits of the hybrid technology are used almost exclusively to improve performance, rather than improve fuel economy.

    There’s an article at AutoblogGreen ( which points out that larger hybrid vehicles sales are down sharply. I believe it’s because if consumers are going to pay a price premium to buy a hybrid they want to believe they’re going to recoup some of that up-front cost in fuel savings.

    Whomever left the first comment at that blog came to the same conclusion.

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