Saab Events Update II

Further to my post yesterday about upcoming Saab events, Psycho Dave has left a comment letting us know about the International Saab Club Meeting 2006, which is to be held at the Swedish Airforce former Training Wing at Ljungbyhed in the province of Skåne (Scania).

The meet is on from the 11th to the 13th August, 2006.

This looks like one fantastic weekend. Highlights include:

* A small Saab Airshow

* Vintage rides, enjoy the Saab of your dreams!

* Race ride! Enjoy a HI-PO Saab race car as a passenger !!!NEW!!!

* Saab Performance Team

* Seminars with famous Saab profiles.

* Saab Banquet with specially designed Saab entertainment. 3 courses.

* Enjoy our Saab Rally simulator and beat your buddies and become Rally Champion

* Free workshop assistance in case of breakdown (parts not included)

* Discount on the local Hydro petrol station

* Discount on the Öresund bridge

* Discount on spare parts depot or Saab spare parts (preliminary)

* Specially adapted scenic tours to enjoy Skåne (incl scrapyard tour)

* T-shirt for the event, stickers and complimentary things upon arrival.

* Saab Swap Meet (Initially planned to be held indoors)

If I’m reading the site correctly, then the race ride they mention is with my mates from Swede Team Motor. Nothing mentioned as to which car they’d be using, but STM run petrol, diesel and E85.

Prepaid registrations are already booked out. If you still want to go you can do so as a daily visitor, though the discounts etc won’t be available and spots on the track and in seminars will be subject to pre-registered guests getting their fill.

Sounds like a sensational weekend. If I was in Europe then I’d need to be three quarters dead before I went anyhere else that weekend.


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