Saab O The Week – July 4

OK, you’re probably sick of seeing Viggen shots, but these are irresistable.

Regulars here may remember that a few weekends ago we Tasmanians were blessed with the presence of another Viggen on the island. Richard Y was down from Sydney, touring around our beautiful Island.

3,000 kilometers and the Viggen just purred all the way.

Today he emailed me a few shots that he took after leaving Hobart to drive up the west coast of Tasmania.


One shot here and then more after the jump. There’s even a few more if you click here (but check these ones out first – you won’t be disappointed).

Saab Viggen west coast 1.jpg


Saab Viggen west coast 2.jpg


Saab Viggen west coast 3.jpg


Saab Viggen west coast 4.jpg


Saab Viggen west coast 5.jpg


Saab Viggen west coast 6.jpg


Saab Viggen west coast 7.jpg

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  1. Swade,

    actually sore these last night on Saabphotos, didnt realise they were taken in Tas!!

    The Second last shot is horn!!

    may even be considered for a certain “magazine” cover


  2. What a great shot, the Viggen in that colour is GORGEOUS!
    Someons has had said car for sale here in Vancouver but says its ‘suped’ up to 290bhp which I am 110pc sure the chassis is completely incapable of handling. It only costs CA$16500 but has been for sale for about 4 months so ther has to be something wrong with it. I dont even want t othink how much the insurance would be!

  3. Al Aero, what does one have to do to get their car on the mag cover? I’ve been club chairman for the past 3 years and haven’t been offered a chance yet – despite now owning at least 4 cars a hell of a lot rarer than a bloody 9-3 Viggen! It seems that if one does not possess a Viggen or a c900 Aero (favoured colours silver & Odoardo grey), there’s virtually no chance of receiving such an honour….. or am I just imagining things?


  4. DrewB,

    I hold no editorial choice with regards to front cover of the magazine, mealy just suggested the picture of the viggen to the editor.

    but… i do have various photo’s of sunroof motors and a very David Hasselhoff esque looking bloke that you may choose from if you wish

    al 😉

  5. Al, you win the Footy Show handball contest with that effort!

    DB, may I suggest we entice my mate Stu out for a weekend and snap off some irrestivertible pics of the little yellow wagon?

  6. DB> yeah go take some shots of your sleds and i will gladly put them on the cover. The only caveat is that they must be high res (300dpi at A4 size). I can’t really use anything smaller as it will look like crap. So this sort of eliminates most prosumer brand cameras. Hence why I am always limited to what I can put on the cover of said brilliant magazine. No one ever sends me high enough res pics to use on the cover.
    sab the designer 🙂

  7. Obviously the Viggen is Richards true love, not only a fabulous ride but purring her way around the spectacular scenery in Tasmania. How romantic.

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