Saab Road Tests

UPDATE: the link has been updated as SRT now has it’s own domain.


Just to let you know that Trollhattan Saab’s first satellite site, Saab Road Tests, has emerged.

I’ve still got a lot of Road Test posts to dump there, but the beginnings have indeed begun.

It’s a lot simpler than Trollhattan in terms of layout etc, which should make it a breeze to navigate. The intended user is anyone wanting to do some model research on Saab’s current lineup. I’ll be copying all the road test posts from this site, as well as all the official GM model info for each car, even the 9-2x.

Pop over and take a look if you’re so inclined.


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  1. Fantastic Swade. Now the dealers and salesmen might actually know something about the cars they sell ….. [grin]

    Maybe a sub-section within SRT that simply lists all the technical specifications by model ? Not sure how easy that would be considering all the variations by country/market.

    Again, bravo !

  2. Thanks Ken.

    I do plan to whack the modelinfo up there. Basically all the stuff from the press release when the model comes out. It’ll be a subcategory called “Model Info (Year)” under each model name.

    It might take a week before it gets posted though.

  3. Here is a link to a road test comparo from a few years back which features the 9-5 Aero and ten other sports sedans – the Aero did very well. I know its not current but for folks looking to buy a good used Saab its great review.

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