Saab Safety Video

This is a 1980’s video on Saab safety development.

There’s some typically 80’s cringeworthy stuff in there, but there’s plenty of good viewing as well.

This is of particular interest given the number of people that sugested a safety emphasis in the previous post about improving the relevance of Saab USA advertising.

My favourite bits:

a) the vintage Saab crash test films (don’t crash your Sonett, looks nasty to me)
b) is that an early airbag prototype in a 99??
c) the grin on the guy testing out the self-repairing bumpers

Have patience with this one as there’s some gold in there.

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  1. Haven’t seen this one for 20 years- great- thanks for sourcing it Swade.

    It’s all mostly head-ons with only a couple of offset frontals though.A lot of it looks staged to show the 9000 Mk1 off to its best.

    The Sonnet bonnet sems to snap off and fly up lethal- adn the front wings seem to think they are wings – not nice. We’ve done the Sonnet safety stuff here before.

    Way back in the dawn of time I went to a Saab 99 crash test at the Saab centre – they put the 99 head on into a 1970s Renault – a 16 or a 12 I recall.

    Believe me, you would want to have been in the Saab. Its taken Renault decades to catch up…

  2. Gotta love the subliminal suggestions. This was obviously made for American audiences. First off, it starts with American Gridiron (known as “football” in the U.S.). That ought to get those NASCAR-watching, beer-swilling Americans interested! Then it cuts to a narrator with an English accent to add sophistication (I mean, an English accent to Americans automatically lends credence to ANYTHING).

    After that it pretty much looks like a stock Swedish promotional film with English narration. I just found it funny how they “regionalized” it by starting it with a game of gridiron…

  3. Gripen: Good observations, very true. Especially the part about how “an English accent to Americans automatically lends credence to ANYTHING.” Maybe that explains why George Bush likes to be seen so much with Tony Blair;-)

  4. Funny. I love the retro NFL clips!

    Amen to the Sonnet comments. Those fenders are all “up in yo grille” — and that’s not a good thing.

    Other observations that I’ve taken away from this:
    1. Stay away from 9000 drivers — they’re positively an accident waiting to happen!
    2. Apparently, European Fords were considered the primary competitor for the 9000 when it was tested. Note the Merkur XR4Ti comparisons.
    3. When they showed the REALLY tough stuff, they brought out the 99 / c900 video clips. Draw your own conclusions.

  5. Eggsngrits,

    Far from an objective analysis.

    It is probably very safe to say that you are either a 99 or 900 owner, conveniently. 🙂

  6. heheh classic 80s. at least they got the most out their newly purchased DX7!

    will agree the Sonnet doesn’t look to be a particularly crash-happy car, but certainly the earlier 92-96s crashed well with little cabin cell distorsion.

    nice to see that turbos are a safety feature!

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