Sunday Night Snippets

Good luck to both France and Italy in the World Cup Final later today.

My head says Italy, but my heart says France. So either way I’m a happy man.


More articles appearing on the GMRN proposed alliace….

A reasonable analysis here from Delaware Online, but it concludes that Kerkorian is probably looking to sell his own shares to Renault/Nissan. I’m not so sure about that one and I’m not sure if R/N would go for it either. Their proposed allotment of 10% each and his gives them 30% as a group, which is a lot more effective than 20% on their own.

Analysis from accross the pond in the UK’s Sunday Herald. Not much new here, though.

Finally, Greg posted a link to The Star Tribune in comments. The article contends that the proposed study that GM will enter into is likely to take around a year. I’m sure Rick Wagoner will have compiled a thick file of progress markers by then.


The North-West branch of the Uk’s Saab Owners Club has its own weblog.

Click here if you’d like to check what they’ve been up to.

This is a good idea for a car club, not only as a record of events past, but also as a way of comminucating upcoming events to members and other interested parties. Kudos for getting it up and running.


Australia’s AutoSpeed have a review of the new 2006 9-3 Convertible V6 Aero.

It’s a stereotype but Saab convertibles have been known more for being driven by hairdressers than people into performance.

Damn right it’s a stereotype, and a wrong one at that.

They finish a bit better though….

Overall, the Saab 9.3 Aero is an impressive machine. It’s about as practical as a soft-top four seater gets, goes hard and handles competently – and all without drinking like a crazed sailor on shore leave.

Worth your few minutes.

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  1. Every time i read a glowing review of the 2.8 turbo i think of the Car and driver article and grind my teeth. Saab should feel validated though with the Ward’s auto engine award. Grind,grind.

  2. I was also a on a test drive with 9-3 Aero 2.8 V6 some weeks ago.
    I was a little bit dissappointed. The car doesn’t give so much power and accelaration what I expected.
    My 2000 9-3 (2.0 HOT with Nordic Stage1) feels very similar to drive.
    If you by a new 9-3 with 2.0T engine and make a Hirsch/Nordic/Maptun Stage2 upgrade I bet on the Aero can’t beat it.
    And the other problem is that there is not long term experience with the V6 engine. The tehcnician of the main local Saab distributor told that they expect many problem with the cooling system, they suppose it’s undersized for the V6 because of space problems.

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