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Zinadine Zidane is a master.

I got up at 5 this morning expecting to watch another festival of Brazilliance, and was pleasantly surprised to get a demonstration of what one man can do when he hypnotises the ball before the game. The double-zedded-one was the much deserved man of the match.

The best fun I’ve had with the World Cup since the Aussies got done.


First we have Jeremy Clarkson calling the new 9-5 a Dame Edna lookalike, now we have MSN in New Zealand placing the 9-5 in it’s “Fat Elvis” years.

Oh, the shame….

Hat tip to Robin in Unzed for that one


The Brits are certainly loving their Saabs in recent times.

This 9-3 SportCombi review acknowledges the fact, then goes on to explain why as it lavishes the praise on the diesel version of the car.

[Saab] has adopted a sensible pricing approach to pull in customers – Saab is now an established premium brand, but it has pitched the RRPs to please, not to put off.

Take this version – the 9-3 SportWagon TiD Vector Sport, in 150bhp form. The asking price is £24,165, around £3000 cheaper than a similar-engined prestige German rival, yet there’s more kit, and more comfort. A 120bhp version of the same power unit is £1000 less.

Why do they seem to get it more than their counterparts on the other side of the pond? Is it an “open spaces” thing?


There’s plenty of analysis going on about the whole GM/Renault/Nissan thing, which I think is exactly what Dr Kerkorian wanted. GM’s share price lifted around 8.5%,which is also exactly what he wanted.

I’m not going to rehash all the analysis here, primarily because I don’t think anything’s going to come of it. But I will say this: I haven’t read a damn word yet that tells me what any of these companies will get from such a deal.

Autoblog have the original letter from Kerkorian to Nissan/Renault as well as the latter’s response.

As far as Saab is concerned? Well, maybe if it does happen we can all start thinking about Porsche buying it again….

One can dream.


Nothing to do with Saab, but I couldn’t help laughing at this one, from Autoblog Green:

There is a gentleman in San Francisco who advertises himself as a “commute helper”. He stands at the entrance to the jammed freeway and holds up a sign, “Traffic is bad. Spend 2 hours or pay me $10 and get there in 20 minutes”. People pick him up, pay his modest fee, and bypass the traffic via use of the carpool lane.

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  1. Edu,

    Is that the one with the “cockometer”? I thought I’d covered that one when it came out, but i’ll re-check.

    Very good writeup, although a bit long-winded at the start.

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