Swedish sales – June 2006

Thanks to ctm and Vector for reporting in the Swedish sales numbers for June 2006.

The good news in Sweden continues:

Saab sold 1,428 9-5’s in June, a rise of 110.61% over the 678 9-5’s sold during June 2005.

They also sold 1,147 9-3’s, a rise of 96.4% over June 2005 (584 vehicles).

Year-to date the 9-5 is up 52.49% and the 9-3 is up 55.66%.

Saab are now enjoying a market share, year to date, of almost 10%, up from just over 6% from last year.

More champagne for Saab of Sweden!! That is absolutely huuuuuuuuuuuuuge.


UPDATE: Of the 1,428 9-5’s sold in Sweden during June, 1,022 of them were Biopower vehicles.

This led the Biopower market in Sweden once again. The next best E85 car was the Ford Focus Flexfuel.

As a matter of fact, the Biopower 9-5 led all flexfuel, gas and diesel cars!!

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