Top Queer review the 9-5

Some time ago, Top Gear did a story on gay motoring publications and asked it’s audience what it should call the gay section of its show (if it were ever to make one). Much laughter followed the suggestion of “Top Queer” – which is why I’ll refer to by that moniker from this time forward.

We learned a few weeks ago that Top Queer included the Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan as one of it’s 10 most looked at vehicles (according to it’s customers). Will the ageing Queen-Mother of the Saab range, the 9-5, join it’s younger sibling in the “Man’s Man” hall of fame?

Probably not.

They sum the vehicle up as something that’ll keep Saab enthusiasts happy whilst falling short for those that like to shop around.

After spending a week in the 2006 Saab 9-5 SportCombi memories of that shower-less morning came flooding back. Like my roommate who bought the t-shirt from Milan BECAUSE it was from Milan, consumers who buy this vehicle are most likely dedicated to the Saab brand. Don’t get me wrong, he looked amazing in the t-shirt but it wasn’t the shirt that made the man.

You get the picture…….

The review is a cultural lesson in itself. Read it here if you’re curious.

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