UK sales data – Ovlov slayed!!

As pointed out in comments by Tobias, sales data from the UK is now out and Saab have posted yet another gain.

Saab sales were up 9.89% for June, with Saab selling 3,011 vehicles during the month (as opposed to 2,740 in June 2005).

Saab are now up 6.48% for the year to date, having moved 14,874 vehicles from January to June (13,969 in 2005, which was a record year).

And pop the champagne corks once again because Saab, finally, overtook Volvo for the month!!! Saab’s 3,011 sales were 269 higher than Volvo, whose sales numbers in the UK have slipped by more than 20% during 2006.

Congratulations Saab UK!!!!

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  1. The most impressive part for me is that this is on a market that is down something like 4% this year (if I remeber correctly). I hope they are really trying to understand what they are doing right over there… 🙂

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